Vera Carli


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Hi! My name is Vera and as a part of the SunLife Team I am in charge of housework, or should I say boatwork?

My main job is taking care of the cleanliness of our boats from the inside, as well as from the outside. In addition to that, I am your „go to“ person if there is something missing from the kitchen or you happen to need an extra sheet in one of the cabins.

That day when everything takes place is Saturday, the D-day as we like to call it. No disrescpect, but sometimes Saturday feels as you were literaly thrown on a small beach and have to endure enemy (sometimes even friendly) fire.

It can be somewhat chaotic because we need to take care of a lot of work in a short time, while keeping up with the SunLife's standard quality. In the morning, we give our goodbies to departing guests and start the rat race to be perfectly prepared for the new arrivals.

As everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly and without any long delays, probably the most important part of my job is good organization and coordination of people. Over the years I developed a quite respective muscle mass as I do constant tours of our entire fleet, making sure everything runs smoothly and solving problems that unavoidably arise, supplementing the inventory and taking into account any special wishes our guests might have.

Everything ends with a final check of every boat, both inside and outside, making sure that the boat is in top condition and ready to meet the new guests.


Regardless of the huge amount of work, unforeseen situations and some nerve brakedowns :) , in the end, however, remains a sense of satisfaction that everything has been done on time. I love Saturday. :)