Toni Božidar

Base technician

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Hi!   My name is Toni but no one calls me that way around here. They know me as the Godfather. Just to be on the same page, not a mobster, just a godfather. :)


I've been working here for almost a year now (started at the beginning od 2018) and I like it very much. This is my first job in nautical tourism so i still have much to learn, but I am doing my best to get familiar with all of it. :D

You don't need to be here that much to know that SunLife team has a great working atmosphere. The indiginous SunLifers really accepted me as one of them. They had to, I am the Godfather. Not a mobster, though. I like this job very much because of it's dinamic nature.

Getting my hands dirty with all kind of jobs, working in the open under the sun is much more suitable for me then my last job in a factory.


Eventhough I am the Godfather, I am still an apprentice here so, if I do something wrong please don't begrudge me as I will do my best to make your holiday great with us. I will make you an offer you can't refuse.

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