Tina Gazin

Owner, CEO

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Although I am an economist by profession, you couldn’t say that numbers and I get along. What really drives me is my creativity and desire always to contribute and in some way to leave a mark on the human hearts with my work.

Beeing in this business for the past 18 years has offered me the opportunity and the pleasure, each year again, to plan, create and be a part of the happiness that people – families, friends and groups to whome we help organise their summer holidays - radiate when being on their vacation.

The main goal for me is to have our guests satisfied, releaxed, taken care of and safe. The saying “pleasure is mine” really depicts this feeling when I see that they are happy and that there is no other place they would rather be. I like to pay attention to small details because that’s what makes a big difference.

Book a boat with us and you will feel it. From personalized messages and gifts, through relationship with guests, additional services to boat’s decoration, we constantly thrive to make you feel like at home. :) That’s the story behind our moto: “feel the difference”. As much as it is important to me how our guests feel, it is also very important how our employees feel as their smiles induce your smiles.


Their satisfaction and happiness is the foundation on which this company is being built on. SUNLIFE charter is a family business it makes an essential part of our lives. However, the main focus in my life are my husband and children Viktor and Leona, who are my greatest joy.


Another thing that gives me a great pleasure is my Instagram profile about healthy cooking where I share my recipes with my friends and followers. I can share it with you when you visit as I invite you to feel the difference and create your memories with us!