Nikola Barić

Base technician

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Hello there! My name is Nikola and I'm a relatively new member of the SunLife team (I started in July 2018). Nevertheless, I've spent almost my entire life on boats, from small classes sailing to being a skipper and working in the boating industry.

In the meantime, I got a degree in ship electrical engineering at Maritime Faculty of Split, so you could say that there is some brain to back it up. :) I exercise my brain with long sessions of sleep so do not worry if I seem a bit out of this world when I come for your check-out in the morning. However, at the check-in I am more „myself“.


I will present the boat to you and demonstrate the work of all instruments, engine, give advices and route suggestions. My ultimate goal as it is also the goal of SunLife are happy guests who fell in love with the sailing. Therefore, I would like to welcome you to SunLife charter!