Igor Gazin

Owner, executive director

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Hello! My name is Igor Gazin and I am the owner of the SunLife charter company. Since I was a little boy I used to come to the marina with my father where we have built, repaired and maintained our small family boat. In this way, my long infatuation in sea and boats emerged, resulting in spending every summer on the boat.

This infatuation drove me on and it practically created my business itself, extending my love into an economic gain. SunLife was founded in 2001 and we started off with only two sailing boats. Since then I always try to give my 100% in order to make and maintain SunLife charter as a company that offers excellent service, well-maintained boats, having satisfied and repeating customers.

My main wish was and is to stand out from other charter companies with main goal to permanently keep the quality of our service high. My goal has never been to become a great charter and succumb to the everpresent possibility of quick expanding, but to always stay a small family company. Being involved in every segment of the business and thus maintain quality, intraorganizational relationships and individual approach to our guests is what makes my day and business in general.

Good organization, leadership, and good teamwork have resulted in SunLife successfully doing business for 18 years. Starting this company with my wife Tina is a great advantage as we gained an excellent symbiosis, both on private and business aspects of our life. Wouldn't for a world give away that feeling of accomplishing our goals at the end of the year. And then we start again. :)


Welcome to our family, let us give you the warmest welcome you can get!