Dražen Hrnčić

Base manager

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Hello! My name is Dražen and I am 40 years old. I work by SUNLIFE charter since 2008 and I have worked hard in order to get my current position as a base manager.

This job brings with itself lots of work and responsibilities. Organization of services and works, maintenance of our boats, as well as procurement of majority of tools and materials for doing it is my main job as a base manager. In addition to that and combining and organizing the work of my co-workers and external associates, my job is also to offer full logistics and support to our guests while on their sailing trip in order to minimize and solve all the problems that can occur.

I can honestly say that I really love this job because of the dynamic it brings. Summer and winter season and amount of the work is completely different, what breaks routine and monotony and makes this job challenging and interesting.

Another perk of this job that I like is that I also get to meet many interesting people from all over the globe which allows me to create new friendships and unforgettable experiences.

SunLife has become a part of my daily life.


Relationships inside the company, honest support and friendship among all of my colleagues mean a lot to me, both from personal and bussiness side, because all is easier with a joke or two, even in most stressfull situations.

Furthermore, sense of gratitude and acknowledgment from Igor and Tina, the opportunity for promotion as a reward for my effort, dedication and all I bring to this company is something that drives me always to do more.


I am the living proof of this because I started out as a worker on the boat and made progress to the position of base manager just by hard work, effort, and commitment.