Dragan Perić

Base technician

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Hi! My name is Dragan but my friends call me John. I don't know why anymore. :) I am 37 years old, married and a proud father of a beautiful baby girl. Here in Croatia, we like to say that we were made for all kinds of sports.


I am not a professional but I enjoy playing and watching football. That leads me to the greatest football club in Croatia that I support and like to attend when it plays at home, HNK Hajduk. A word of advice to you: come to me saying „Hajduk živi vječno“ (Hajduk lives forever) and uncle John will take you under his wing during your stay. :)


I got a job at Sunlife in 2011. Since then, I am doing my best, along with my colleagues trough the seasons to make our guests happy and satisfied with the service we provide. My job is to keep the boats clean, functional, trustworthy and above average. We are covering full service and maintenance throughout the year to keep up with the demands.


I can say I am good at what I do and I enjoy doing it. With these few words about me, I send greetings to all our future guests in Croatia. Looking forward to meeting you in summer! Remember, „Hajduk živi vječno“! :)