Dario Jerković

Booking manager

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Hi! My name is Dario and, although I have experience working in tourism in general, the nautical part is definitely my thing. Working close to the sea, even inside the office is something everyone dreams of, so I consider myself lucky being a part of SunLife.


As my primary job is working in booking, answering your emails and preparing everything for Saturday, I'm nowhere near bored in this bussiness. Hectic as it is during Saturdays, I often go out of the office running all sorts of errands and help our guests to get around marina and my colleagues if they need an additional help.


Always ready for a joke, I will try to make your visit to our office as pleasant and brief as possible. You will definitely love me, moreover as I will be the voice of an angel telling you to drop by the office to take your papers and go for your check-in. :)


I am sure you will enjoy your sail week with us, as we really enjoy working together and through that try to infect you with our enthusiasm even in the most hectic and hot situations during busy Saturdays. Welcome to SunLife where you will get the sun and a boat experience you will remember for a lifetime! :)