7 days sailing route NORTH

Nečujam (Island of Šolta) - Rogoznica - Žirje - Kornati archipelago - Primošten - Split

  • 7 days

Route highlights:  ACI marina Split - Nečujam (Island of Šolta) - Rogoznica - Žirje - Kornati archipelago - Primošten - ACI marina Split

DAY 1 (Saturday)

Follow the steps of the Diocletian and sail out from the emperor's palace to the royal fishing pond and thermae in the bay of Nečujam on the island of Šolta (about 9 nautical miles from Split). Rumor has it the royal fish bloodline still runs through the finest specimen in the surrounding bays, especially in the bay of Piskera where the royal fishing pond took place 2000 years ago. Anchor the boat in the middle of the bay, take a berth on the seafront or head straight to one of the bays and start catching royals by their scale crowns to start your journey in the right way.

DAY 2 (Sunday)

After a good sleep and a morning coffee set your sails and head towards Rogoznica.  On the way to Rogoznica we recommend taking a route along the north side of the island of Šolta towards the bay of Krnjasi on the island of Veliki Drvenik. Two islands form an amazing Blue Lagoon, well protected from the north winds, where sandy shallows and crystal blue sea set up an ideal scenery for swimming and enjoying in water toys we have prepared for you. Just be focused and keep track of the sea depth as it is often no more than a few meters deep.  After a good swim, get yourself to the bay of Rogoznica and take an anchor at Ražanj, the small fishing village on the south side. On the opposite side, you will find the modern Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. Being one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic, with excellent facilities and good restaurants, this marina will mix it up for you after enjoying natural beauties as the club inside the marina is well-known and frequently visited.  Drop by to check the Zmajevo Oko (the Dragon's Eye), the famous seawater lake, just a couple hundred meters behind the marina. Many legends link up to this lake, most popular saying that it will grant unconditional love, offspring, and prosperity to the lovers that bathe inside the Eye.

DAY 3 (Monday)

Back on the historic sea lines. Leave Rogoznica today and head for the island of Žirje where the legendary Ilyrian Queen Teuta had her harbor and a fortress remains of which can still be seen and from which you can have a breathtaking view to the surrounding islands. You should be sailing to the bay of Stupica Vela, which is around 15 nautical miles from Rogoznica. The bay is protected from all winds except Jugo (the south wind) so you can safely anchor on the sandy bottom or one of the buoys and start exploring this semi-wild habitat.

DAY 4 (Tuesday)

Rise and shine fellow Ilyrians! Set sail for the newest raid and go along the southern banks of Zirje towards the famous National Park Kornati. On the way from Zirje, the first big island you will pass is Kurba Vela. Leaving it behind watch out for the rock some 200m NW of the island of Mali Garmenjak. The Kornati archipelago is full of this kind of hazard – small rocks in the sea, or unexpected shallows, so we highly recommend sailing under the instructions of the Kornati islands Nautical Charts.  Even though some can start feeling as if in a Minotaur's maze or a minefield, just relax and enjoy the beauties around you, let the skipper sweat instead.  Continue sailing towards the Kornati channel past the islands of Kameni Zakan and Ravni Zakan where you will find excellent places to swim. We highly recommend sailing toward the ACI marina Piskera marina, where you can spend the night and fill your batteries on the shore power. Alternatively, if you prefer something a little more remote, you could anchor in Lavsa. Definitely stop by at some of the small restaurants on the Kornati islands, as the scenery, fresh food and jovial people is something that will deepen the great experience you will have during the Kornati tour.

DAY 5 (Wednesday)

Today you can start to sail through the maze of astonishingly beautiful Kornati islands. However, to enter the national park you will have to buy a ticket. Ticket worth of gold as these islands are as jewels scattered by God himself. Race with the clouds, dolphins and seagulls and visit the innumerable narrow bays for swimming, read a good book...get bored and, while passing by beautiful landscapes and an astonishing color game of blue and green, just soak it in.  We hope you have a capacity for soaking as you will need it where we want to send you to. Nature Park Telašćica on Dugi Otok, leaning on Kornati National Park, without the "sidekick" label as it is as beautiful as Kornati awaits you with the bay of Mir and an amazing saltwater lake carrying the same name, very nice for swimming as it is warmer and saltier than the sea that feeds it with water. As the evening falls, turn around and start sailing back to the bay of Vrulja, the biggest inhabited place in the Kornati Archipelago. You can anchor the boat in the middle of the bay and head to the end and a well-known family restaurant, famous for its seafood specialties.

DAY 6 (Thursday)

God didn't rest on the sixth day of his creation making people and animals, so why would you??? A long journey is ahead of you, indeed, but with very much to see along the way. You will be sailing towards the town of Primosten. The easiest route you should take is – through the Kornati Archipelago, towards the islands of Kakan and Kapri (some good spots for swimming around there, keepin' your sanity in mind, don't worry) and then on to Primosten. No matter how beautiful the way to, it will be as if you saw God himself as you catch the glimpse of Primosten. The old part of the town has been built on the little island, attached to the mainland. Still surrounded by the city walls, the old town serves as a crown to the new part of Primošten that stretches along the coast, just off the island. Explore, it's beautiful.

DAY 7 (Friday)

I know. You don't want it to end. But it must. The last day of your journey will take you back towards Split. Nevertheless, we will spice it up. On the way to Split, there are a few little bays worth visiting on the islands of Drvenik and Šolta. The bay of Maslinica on Šolta is particularly worth visiting as you can check out the Martinis Marchi marina and luxurious Heritage Hotel, you never know. :) In the evening we expect you in our ACI marina Split. Please fuel the boat up and we recommend spending your evening looking around the old town of Split. Always many sights to see and an ideal place to plan your coming back to us next year! :)