7 days sailing route SOUTH

ACI Marina Split - Milna (Island of Brač) - Vrboska (Island of Hvar) – Hvar Town/ Pakleni islands - Komiža (Island of Vis) - Vis Town – Stomorska/Nečujam/Rogač/Maslinica (Island of Šolta) - ACI Marina Split

  • 7 days

Route highlights: ACI Marina Split - Milna (Island of Brač) - Vrboska (Island of Hvar) – Hvar Town/ Pakleni islands - Komiža (Island of Vis) - Vis Town – Stomorska/Nečujam/Rogač/Maslinica (Island of Šolta) - ACI Marina Split

DAY 1 (Saturday)

On your first day in Croatia, you should start it easy. Heading from ACI Marina Split and our warmest welcome, we suggest taking a short route to Milna, situated on Island Brač. Bay of Milna, also known as the bay of fishermen and sailors, is one of the most beautiful places on the island of Brač. It has a well-equipped ACI marina, a good place to spend the night in and it serves as an excellent protection from strong winds. If you don’t want to spend the night inside the marina, there are other places to drop anchor along the promenade, or in small bays near Milna. Bobovišća bay is another option for dropping an anchor.

DAY 2 (Sunday)

The second day is when you speed up a bit. Leaving Milna and its historical stone houses, you would want to mix up things and stop in Bol. Famous mostly for Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) beach, Bol, thanks to the favourable winds that also shape Zlatni rat, offers you lots of adrenalin sports such as kitesurfing, waterskiing or diving. After all these sea activities, the best way to continue your adventure is an overnight visit to the small town Vrboska, on the island of Hvar. Regarded as „Little Venice“, Vrboska will steal your heart as you will fully understand the comparison with the Italian sister. The old, tightly packed houses, with elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style, all inside the secluded bay is exactly what you need after the adrenalin you experienced before.

DAY 3 (Monday)

After Vrboska, you should definitely stay on Hvar, and head for the Hvar Town. Passing along the west cape of the island of Hvar called Pelegrina, wonderful sights, such as the bay of Pribinja, Jagodna and other areas of outstanding natural beauty will capture your attention, until you come to Hvar. Rich in monuments such as Hvar Cathedral, Arsenal and Franciscan monastery and a real gem, the first civic theatre in Europe built in 1612, Hvar has a great cultural significance, and historical too. The Fortica Fortress is another example of the long history and architecture. Climb up on it and prey your eyes on the beautiful view of Pakleni islands, numerous bays and beaches. Exceptional gastro offer in Hvar can be tested in many restaurants: fresh fish, olive oil, and wine from the island vineyards will tingle your taste buds. Although Hvar is soaked in history, it is very much alive and synchronized with the modern world, as it is well-known for its parties and night life that attract young people from all over the world, among them lots of those coming on sailing boats and catamarans. For the ones longing for some peace and quiet, we suggest avoiding such nights on Hvar (usually on Sunday and Monday night). ACI marina Palmižana is an option to spend the night in. For a more romantic setting, there is a number of well-protected bays to provide shelter for the night. Be aware of the shallows and rocks under the surface.

DAY 4 (Tuesday)

After a good nights sleep, it's time to set sails. We recommend sailing to the southern side of island Vis, towards the small islands of Budikovac and Ravnik. Before getting there, you can make a stop at Stončica bay with beautiful sandy beach and a lovely restaurant. Perfect time to get to know „picigin“, Dalmatian beach sport. Coming to the beautiful Budikovac you can sail into the lagoon where you will find an amazing pebble beach, but bear in mind that it's quite shallow and there are some underwater rocks on one side of the Laguna. The tour continues with the Green cave on Ravnik island, and Stiniva cove, nature's works of art. Winds and waves have carved in the amazing sights inside and outside of hard Dalmatian rock making astonishing color patterns. Keep your jaws and phones checked in order not to fall into the sea. Sailing on, you will reach the town of Komiža, small town with a long maritime tradition. We recommend spending the night here, enjoying the calm evening and tasting the Viška Pie, island specialty made of dough, sardines, tomato, olive oil, and onion.

DAY 5 (Wednesday)

Rise and shine! Early in the morning sail towards the island of Biševo and one of the most famous sights of the Adriatic, Modra špilja (the Blue Cave). Situated only five nautical miles south-west of Komiža, this nature's wonder is unforgettable. It is highly recommended to come early, before the tide, as the entrance can be flooded or, due to a high number of visitors in boats, jammed, making you wait for your turn even for a couple of hours. The main part of the cave is an open space under the sea which, in combination with the third opening in its roof, about three meters above the sea, creates the most extraordinary and beautiful light effect. After the wonderful “blue experience” you should start sailing along the northern side of the island, making short swimming stops in bays along the way. Heading up, you will come to the town of Vis, typical Dalmatian town, beautiful and full of history. We recommend staying overnight and seizing the day by going on Vis – Military tour (the island had an important role in World war II and afterward was isolated for more than 50 years by being a Yugoslavian naval base till the latest war in Croatia). Other options such as Discovery Tour (tour of ancient Roman excavations, museums, churches and numerous sites that have taken away the breath of Romans and Greeks in ancient times), walking on wine roads, mountain biking, free climbing, paragliding, fishing, diving, and swimming, of course.

DAY 6 (Thursday)

So long Vis! Time to start going back direction Split. On your sixth day, we recommend taking a bigger chunk of sailing and head for the island of Šolta, without a doubt one of the must-see destinations on your nautical chart. You can pick your favorite to spend the night choosing among the bay of Nečujam, marina Rogač, get the feeling why sailors love Stomorska or visit the Maslinica. Spend some time in the beautiful marina in Maslinica, once small fishermen's and now a touristic and nautical center of the island. Along the way enjoy the beauty of southern bays of this picturesque island and get to know the beaches.

DAY 7 (Friday)

Last day of your journey should be reserved for relaxation. We recommend dropping anchor in front of Blue Lagoon, site of Krknjaši, on a small island Drvenik. White sand combined with the crystal blue water and sun gives a perfect setting to enjoy in swimming, kayaking, paddling, making a memorable charter even more unforgettable. If there's still time, as you are to come to ACI Split before the evening on Friday, you can visit the historical town of Trogir (can be crowded), or make a stop on the nearby island of Čiovo. ...and you're back with us! Take a good nap in ACI Marina Split and see you in the morning. Don't forget to refuel the boat!