14 days sailing route 2

Drvenik Islands - Primošten - Žirje - Kornati National Park - Murter - Vodice - Skradin - Krka Waterfalls - Rogoznica - Split

  • 14 days

If you are planning a two week sailing holiday, you can try this route. We tried to include lots of interesting and beautiful places in this route.
Of course, two weeks is too short to see everything, so there will be plenty of places for you to see when you come back next time.

First day

For the start of this route we suggest sailing towards the bay of Krknjasi on the island of Veliki Drvenik. Two islands, Veliki and Mali Krnjas form an amazing Lagoon in the bay and it is ideal for swimming. The bay is well protected from the north winds, and the bottom of the sea is sandy. We recommend anchoring and spending the night there. While in the lagoon it is important to monitor the depth of the sea carefully as it is often no more than few meters.

Second day

Primošten: In the morning sail towards Primošten (the distance from the bay of Krknjasi to Primošten is 17.5 miles). The old part of town of Primošten was built on the little island, attached to the main land. It is still surrounded by the old city walls. The new part of Primošten stretches along the coast. It is safe to anchor the boat on one of the knots in a little harbour on the island, as it is well protected from any kind of bad weather.

Third day

Head for the island of Žirje, where, according to legend, the Ilyrian Queen Teuta had her harbour. You should be sailing to the bay of Stupica Vela. The bay is protected from all winds except the Jugo (the south wind). You can anchor on the sandy bottom of the sea or on one of the buoys.

Fourth day

Sail on along the south side of the island of Zirje towards the famous national park – Kornati. On the way from Zirje, the first big island you will pass is Kurba Vela. Leave it to the north. Here, watch out for the rock about 200m north-west of the island of Mali Garmenjak. The Kornati archipelago is full of this kind of hazard – small rocks in the sea, or unexpected shallows, so we strongly recommend sailing under the instructions of the Kornati islands Nautical Charts. Continue sailing towards the Kornati channel passing the islands of Kamani Zakan and Ravni Zakan where you will find excellent places to swim.

Fifth day

Kornati - ACI marina Piskera: Continue sailing towards the bay of Piskera or Lavsa. In the bay of Piskera there is an ACI marina and the bay itself is definitely worth visiting. It used to be a good shelter for fishing boats as it is well protected from the north wind (Bura), but it is not as well protected from the south wind (Jugo). You can spend the night anchored in Piskera ACI marina. Alternatively, if you prefer something a little more remote, you could anchor in Lavsa.

Sixth day

Today you can start to sail through the astonishingly beautiful Kornati islands. However, to enter the national park you will have to buy a ticket. There are innumerable little bays for swimming, and beautiful landscapes. Your aim should be: first the bay of Telascica on Dugi Otok, and then the bay of Mir where you will find an amazing lake, very nice for swimming in.

Seventh day

Leaving Telašćica, you can head towards the island of Žut. If you are lucky enough to catch the Maestral, Tramuntana or Bura (all north or north-west winds), you should have some amazing sailing. There are two places for anchoring in Žut – the ACI marina, or underneath the north-west cape on the island. You could also spend a night a bit further east, in the bay of Hiljaća.

Eighth day

On this day you should be heading towards the island of Murter. On the way to Murter, you will be passing the island of Vrgada, an ideal place for swimming. Afterwards sail on towards Murter or the Hramina marina. The route you should be taking is the channel between the islands of Žminjak and Veliki Vinik and then around the little island Tegina. This is the safest way as the sea is quite shallow around that area. You can anchor your boat for the night in Hramina marina.

Ninth day

The next destination should be Tisno, still on the island of Murter. There, you will see the mobile bridge that connects the island of Murter with the mainland. Tisno is a lovely fishing village and we recommend spending a night there.

Tenth day

Town of Vodice: After leaving Murter, you should sail towards Vodice. There is an ACI marina in Vodice where you can anchor your boat. Vodice is a well-known little town, popular with tourists, with lots of entertainment - lively bars, restaurants, and music performances on the seafront. After the quiet tranquillity of Kornati, this may be just what you are after.

Eleventh day

On this day you should start sailing towards Skradin – back to a more peaceful environment. Skradin also has a good marina in Croatia, where you can anchor and spend the night. We recommend some evening walks around the town.

Twelfth day

Krka Waterfalls: The next destination for this day is “slapovi Krke” (the Krka waterfalls). You can reach the waterfalls in one of the boats from Skradin, which means leaving your boat anchored in an ACI marina. The area is another Dalmatian national park and it is worth having a walk all the way round the waterfalls. You can swim in these waterfalls, but be careful where the rapids are dangerously fast – these areas should be clear. After this, we suggest that you should sail off to the island of Zlarin or towards the bay of Grebasnica (on the mainland). In either of these places you can spend the night.

Thirteenth day

Rogoznica - FRAPA marina: Set your sails and head towards your next destination, Rogoznica. After arriving in the bay of Rogoznica we recommend anchoring at Razanj, the small fishing village on the south side. There is also the famous FRAPA marina in Rogoznica itself. It is said to be one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic, with excellent facilities and good restaurants. While here be sure to go and see the Zmajevo Oko (the Dragon Eye), the famous sea water lake, just a couple of hundred meters behind the marina.

Fourteenth day

City of Split: On the last day of your journey you will be sailing back to Split. You should be anchoring your boat in Split ACI marina, the same marina from where you set out. We highly recommend spending your evening in looking round parts of the old town.

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