Doctor 24/7 service

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NEW! Medical doctors available 24/7 via video call
No more searching for a doctor and going off the route!

You are traveling in Croatia with your family & friends and you don’t know where to get medical advice or help? Do you have a fever in the late hours? Got sunburns? Insect or jellyfish bite? You don’t speak the local language?
Have a stress-free vacation, buy Doct Tourist plan for your crew, and have an English speaking doctor with you on board 24/7. 

It is so easy - Install Doct patient app, enter the activation code - and contact a general practitioner 24/7! No waitings and no bookings are required! Unlimited time and unlimited calls per crew member. Share all your medical documents with your doctor, and get a medical opinion in just a couple of minutes.

Save your money and time, and don’t let illness ruin your holiday. Get Doct activation codes for all your friends and family, and ensure that you have a doctor available 24/7 on your vacation!

Install app - Doct - and contact your doctor now – anywhere, anytime.

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