The AdvenTour Is Yours

"The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days." Paulo Coelho

  • 27.08.2020.
  • Dario Jerković

The adventurous spirit is deeply rooted in human beings, lying inside every man and woman since birth, for sure. In some deeply rooted and not likely to get out on the surface, and in some always floating on the surface like a dormant volcano, the spirit and the inclination towards the adventure is what gets you to feel alive.

Paulo Coelho once wrote:

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.”

The rush of the adrenaline, the elation of experiencing something new, breaking your own mental and physical barriers; this is what pushes one off the edge of the comfort zone. We can push you with some suggestions on what to visit and experience while sailing on one of our boats. The rest is up to you. Whether you plan to stay in Split for a few days, or are just passing by, we would nevertheless recommend taking one of the adrenalin tours nearby. 

Quad Mountain Tour

"Ride on Quads through the amazing landscapes, roads, rivers, and canyons of Dalmatia. Feel the freedom and thrill of stunning locations of this memorable day trips from Split, Croatia. Enjoy the spectacular gastronomy, beautiful views, and scenery on this adventure, in the pristine nature of Split hinterland, and finish with delicious lunch in a traditional local household."

Rafting & Zipline on Cetina

Don't expect huge waterfalls or demanding rapids on this rafting tour, but it won't lack excitement and thrills as you slide through Cetina canyon. Beautiful nature, a swim in a cold river, and even cliff jumping for the bravest in your party should raise the adrenalin level. That not being enough, catch a ride to the Zipline in Omiš and feel the rush as you are catapulted across the greenery and Cetina canyon, chatting with bird or two along the way.

Biokovo Nature Park & Skywalk

One of the oldest and the newest attraction in Croatia in one place, on the Biokovo mountain, the highest in Croatia. On Biokovo you will find beautiful hiking and cycling trails, fresh air encompassing breathtaking nature and cultural remains of the previous inhabitants of the mountain. The breathtaking view easily collected from almost every corner you visit is even more emphasized on the Skywalk attraction built on the edge of the cliff. In the shape of a semicircle, this glass-bottomed structure reaching out some 10m in the open air giving the most pleasant view down the 1228m of this legendary mountain. For the ones capable of ungluing their eyes off the bottom, Makarska and nearby islands on the deep blue Adriatic give a perfect opportunity for a selfie with fingers tightly crossed in the pocket for Skywalk to hold for a few moments more to feed your Instagram and Facebook profiles. 


For the ones that prefer being a little bit lower to the ground or sea surface, we recommend taking courses in parasailing, kitesurfing, and kiteboarding. Generally taking place all over the coast and the islands in Dalmatia, the best place for Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing is in Bol on the island of Brač. Strong winds and beautiful scenery, leveling up with the famous Golden Horn, and acting as Icarus in the hot Dalmatian sun will fill out your day and pump your heart up. 

Vis Military Tour

Throughout history, the island of Vis held an important position and role for every civilization and nation inhabiting it at the time. The most important one was during and after WW II when Vis acted as headquarters for Yugoslavian Partisans, continuing as a main naval base of Yugoslavia, forbidden for tourists all the way up to the end of the war for independence in Croatia. That chain of events actually preserving the island from devastation, nowadays it gives an extra value to the tourism on Vis as the Military Tour gives an insight on the way of life at that time. The tour consists of Landrover ride across the island visiting the most attractive military objects and leftovers such as bunkers with cannons, tunnels crisscrossing beneath the island, an atomic shelter for 200 people, ex-airport, underground torpedo and ammunition storage spots, 100 m submarine tunnel. Stopping by at the highest peak on Vis with the radar station and marveling the view while the sun sets is worth a deep sigh you will exhale when showing your satisfaction and infatuation with the place. It will happen, we are sure. 

Either by sailing across the Adriatic, or leaping across the Dalmatian protective mountains, you will find several adrenaline stops that will broaden your experience of Croatia, its history and people, as well as the modern way of life. For a shot of adrenaline just contact us and we will connect you to the right people that will throw you down the river, hang you from the edge, drag you across the sky and bring the biggest war of mankind closer to you. You are welcome!

 Dario Jerković