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Dalmatian cuisine is more than food, it is a lifestyle.

  • 18.2.2019
  • News, Gastronomy

They say that „beauty is in the eye of the beholder“, so you better be coming to Split and behold all the beauties in your line of sight. Nevertheless, we in Dalmatia like more to act than to observe, especially when it comes to food, either by preparing, or eating it, the latter being more represented. The sheer example of Mediterranean cuisine, Dalmatian cuisine is more than food, it is a lifestyle. This reflects in everyday life, customs, as well as in the restaurant service. Light food, based on fish specialties, cheese and wine, perfectly depicts the slow, a bit lazy way of life in Dalmatia, seemingly general characteristic of all „southerners“ in Europe. People in Dalmatia often like to say „pomalo“, meaning „take it easy“. Nonetheless, we also like to roast a lamb or two. In that case, „pomalo“ doesn't apply, but singing and dancing take over with lots of wine soaking the lyrics.

Gastronomical offer in Split has gained in quality a lot in the last decade thanks to the boost of tourism. The times when Prsut (Dalmatian ham) and Pasticada (stewed beef) were ever opening and closing your meals in the restaurants are gone. As much as we love our tradition and are proud of our specialties and delicacies, we know that our guests know and want more, so Split's gastronomy delivers! Nowadays, you are treated like and you eat like the old Romans. Imagine testing all your senses with tasting of modern Mediterranean cuisine enriched with Dalmatian traditional meals while sitting on a terrace few meters from the emperor Diocletain's dining room. Even better, cool yourself down at the Diocletian's cellar and taste the history in the freshness of genuine virgin olive oil…or have a glass of wine, whatever suits you best. ☺

Therefore, we would say that „food is in the belly of the one that knows where to dine best, and has a reservation.“ A bit long indeed, but you know how the proverbs are. Lucky for you, we can help you with recommendations and reservations.


Dario Jerković