Oil And Wine Tours

The sea hides many secrets we are just beginning to grasp as we sail on it not wondering much what's down below

  • 27.07.2020.
  • Dario Jerković

Every winemaker knows that there's no good wine without a healthy vine. The ancient Greek settlers knew that when they came to Dalmatia and started the long tradition of winemaking. The sun, soil, and climate of Dalmatia make a perfect combination that is a prerequisite for a perfect wine. "The touch" that makes it special is the people who cultivate grapes and make delicious wine.

Nowadays, Dalmatia has geographically defined wine districts that produce high-quality wines, indigenous to this region. Not only winemaking, but the production of quality olive oil is something that this part of Croatia holds dear in collective heart and soul. Thousands of olive trees seen in the fields of Dalmatia and island slopes witness to the devotion and love the people have for this heavenly tree. The old saying in Dalmatia goes: "Olive tree is as a mother to its child, it can forget about her, neglect her and not care for her in years, nevertheless she will always give you the products and love."

No idea where to taste high-quality wines and olive oil in Dalmatia? Here's where you can start! 

Imagine yourself slowly drinking your wine in a city more than 1700 year old. Wine won't be that old, of course, but will feel as such in a "kaleta" on a warm summer night. After a few glasses and some olive oil tasting, going through the old Diocletian's palace may cause great satisfaction and elation so step slowly to prolong the experience as long as you can...or just hit another venue around. We can recommend:

Not that emphasized as a tourist island, and not as frequently visited because of it, Šolta thus has more room to grow olive trees and grapes. Famous olive oil on a freshly baked bread will give you the taste of Dalmatia you will yearn to repeat. We can recommend:

Island of stone, masons, but also of high-quality wine. Taking a sip in a vineyard on the island's slopes just before jumping into the sea makes a great video! We can recommend:

As one of the most well-known destinations in Croatia with its nightlife nature and culture Hvar is ideal place to have a taste local varieties numerous picturesque locations quot sunny island . We can recommend:

Known as the birthplace of famous explorer Marco Polo, Korčula is, besides its touristic value, well-known for the indigenous and rewarded white wines. Maybe that was the secret of Marco Polo...regular consummation of these beauties that led him all the way to China. We can recommend:

The "pearl of Adriatic" they call it and call it for a reason. A beautiful island with the famous Blue cave in its vicinity. Definitely worth visiting and having a glass of indigenous white along the way. We can recommend:

You won't make a mistake by calling Pelješac a Wine peninsula. Numerous sun-drenched slopes of vineyards blended in karst go all the way to the sea level making a perfect contrast. Everywhere you go you will find a family-owned winery. Advice: take smaller sips to cover it all! We can recommend:

All these locations you can visit while sailing and taking one of our ROUTES. Having to take a taxi, local ride, or making use of the long limbs hanging down the hips shouldn't be an obstacle to amazement and elation of tasting some of the finest wines and olive oils that Dalmatia can present. A few bottles will always remind you of these locations, even after you drain them out when you feel the nostalgia and want to go back as soon as you can.

 Dario Jerković