Dive, dive, dive!

The sea hides many secrets we are just beginning to grasp as we sail on it not wondering much what's down below

  • 16.07.2020.
  • Dario Jerković

If you have ever experienced sailing in the true meaning of the word, the chance is it was the best moment of your life at that time. No engines, no noise except the wind rushing and bumping in your sails rocketing the boat forward and slashing through the waves...foam spraying up and down giving the refreshment from the burning sun... Where ever you are at that time it feels like you are home. It doesn't get better than that. Or does it? 

Just go one floor down, into the blue depths. The sea hides many secrets we are just beginning to grasp as we sail on it not wondering much what's down below. You can go ahead and claim we know more about space than the sea, it wouldn't be far from the truth. Whether you dive recreationally with snorkeling equipment, or you have the professional gear, diving is something that can fully relax even the tensest person. The feeling of isolation and calmness when you look around yourself while underwater is something that cannot be fully described to someone who has never experienced it. There's no outside world and everything that comes with it. No sound. Only you and your beating heart. No worries. It's not that the pressure of water above you isn't something to forget while down there, but that is not something to concern you while you explore the beautiful ridge, underwater cave, or try to scare a school of fish passing by. Freediving or scuba diving, it's the same. The air and the lack of it is the only difference. :) Freedivers are on their own, limited by the capacity of their lungs and their brain urging them to get out. Scuba divers are mostly well-trained and capable of visiting bigger depths and staying underwater way longer with the extra lungs they carry.

Fortunately, in Croatia we have plenty of wonders to see reachable for both parties so we will reveal some of them to you. If you take any of our prepared ROUTES for your charter in Dalmatia, you can check a few of these diving locations on each of the islands.


• Stomorska - shipwreck near the cape of Pelegrin, 20m depth, freedivers and scuba divers

• Livka bay - right beside the cape of Livka bay, a beautiful vertical wall and a cave at 35m depth will capture your eye. Scuba diving only.

• Jorija bay - a wall with a large cave at 15 m. The ceiling ends just at the surface. Suitable for freedivers, beginners especially, as the small depth and spaciousness of the cave give the much-needed assurance

• The Pyramids - located in the bay of Travna it consists of 6 underwater peaks in the shape of a pyramid. The first peak being at 25 m, the others at 35 m, the location can be used for freediving and scuba diving but recommended for more skilled divers.

• Marie Grota - at a depth of 6 m, the entrance to the cave descends vertically to a depth of 25 m that provides the exit. The diving can continue along the wall that goes down to 40 m. Suitable for freedivers and scuba divers.

Big thanks to Leomar Diving Center for their info and photographs. Visit at:



• One of the most interesting sites in the area of ​​Brač. Cape Ptičji rat near Povlja is interesting because of its position between the steep slopes of Biokovo and the location of Vrulja, where with underwater caves and canals. 

• The Lučice bay, located on the south side of the island of Brač is great for all divers. The entrance to the cave is at 3 m, and descends vertically to 25 m. The right side is 34 m deep, and the tunnel on the left is 44 m deep. In the cave bathed in natural light you can see large gophers swimming and you can check the tunnel with underwater lights. • Eastern of the Mrduja island at a depth of 40 m you will find a 30m long shipwreck. It lies on the sand and the bow is at 47 m. Just next to the shipwreck you can find wall at a depth of 25 m. Scuba divers only.

Big thanks to Diving center Dolphin for their info and photographs. Visit at:



• At the most western of the Paklinski islands, Vodnjak island, one can find a beautiful underwater cathedral. We are exaggerating a bit, but there is a popular rock that resembles a bell tower. The peak finds itself at 12m, the bottom at 50m so it is recommended for advanced divers. Red corals on the reef, all sorts of tunnels nature carved inside the rock can be a playground for everyone

• Vela Grčka bay is heaven for all categories of divers. The entrance to the cave with blooming animal and herbal life inside the bay is at 10m depth. You won't get bored inside, that's for sure. 

Big thanks to Diving center Viking for their info and photographs. Visit at:



• Zaklopatica cave near Vela Luka gives you the thrills as soon as you dive and enter at 10m depth in a beautiful space with sunrays invading from the cracks in stone above. Definitely recommended for all categories. 

• On the other side of the island, in Pudarica bay and near Majsan island any beginner can enjoy in the remains of boats and ancient amphoras and anchors that Romans left behind. Sandy bottom and water full of fish is the best playground you can get.

Big thanks to Diving center Lumbarda Blue for their info and photographs. Visit at:



• Merchant ship "Teti" lies at a depth of 14 to 35 meters right next to the island of Mali Barjak and is therefore suitable for all categories of divers. Preserved stern and storages still loaded with granite blocks, upright position, overgrown deck, and characteristic stern rudder makes this location as a heaven for underwater photographers.

•"Vassilios T", a Greek cargo ship lies on the side at a depth of 30 - 38 m after hitting the rocks of Cape Stupišće. Fascinating warehouse, a beautiful bow with a dropped anchor is suitable for all categories because it is located right next to the shore.

• Brioni was a passenger-cargo steamer that sank along the SE coast of Vis. Resting on its left side overgrown with numerous sponges and corals, this grandpa is great for underwater shooting. Depth being 50 - 60 m, only experienced scuba divers are recommended to take the challenge.

• Mixing up the offer of underwater wrecks, the B-17 aircraft of the US Air Force from the Second World War finds itself on the south coast of Vis. Lying at a depth of 75 meters, this Boeing B-17 bomber is considered as a tombstone. Diving at this location is allowed only for experienced divers who have the proper equipment for technical diving.

Big thanks to Diving center Lumbarda Blue for their info and photographs. Visit at:



• Fantastic isolated island of Sušac is ideal for divers as the crystal clear sea, many beautiful bays to explore (Cape of Triscavac can be singled out) and rich wildlife present a unique experience. Deeper dives recommended only for more experienced divers as the call of the deep can sometimes be too much for the inexperienced ones. 

• Between Sušac and Lastovo, small island Bijeac hides extraordinary sights underneath the blue seawater. At 18m depth, a gap in the rock leads you into an underwater canyon that goes all the way on the other side of the island. The canyon is full of daylight and red corals creating an amazing atmosphere with the light play. Even the beginners, with proper preparation, can participate in the dive. 

Big thanks to Diving center Ankora for their info and photographs. Visit at:


For every one of these locations, we recommend taking the professionals from local diving clubs (links after paragraphs) with you. Their experience and knowledge of the locations mentioned in this text can only contribute to your overall feeling after visiting and conquering these beautiful sites. While doing that, as the saying goes: "Take only photographs and leave only the bubbles" that will race you to the surface.


Dario Jerković