SunLife Croatia

"Let there be a piece of sun in human life", said the Creator on the last day, "and let the merry people spread this light across the sea and land for the greater benefit." Thus, SunLife Charter was born to greet and treat you as one of our own. With the orange shirts, you can't miss us from a mile away, and the smile you get will alone brighten your day.

Our awesome story

They say that true love doesn't happen right away - it's an ever-growing process. You can love a woman, a child, a club, an object. You can be passionate about it, or you can hold it dear in your heart, safe and hidden. When you mend these loves together you surpass the boundaries of each one. Love for boats, nurtured inside the Gazin family, in combination with the natural connection with the sea, lead Igor to acquire a boat and start a company. SunLife Charter was born and the love for the family and of the family took Igor and his wife where they are now. One boat lead to another and the fleet emerged. SunLife today is what Igor and Tina wanted all along. Small company oriented on quality instead of quantity and, most important of all, run by and run as a family. The easiest thing in life is to fall in love, the hardest thing is to keep it, grow it, and share it. We hope you can share it with us, we already did the rest.

Meet our team

Owner, CEO

Tina Gazin

Although I am an economist by profession, you couldn’t say that numbers and I get along. What really drives me is my creativity and desire always to contribute and in some way to leave a mark on the human hearts with my work.

Beeing in this business for the past 18 years has offered me the opportunity and the pleasure, each year again, to plan, create and be a part of the happiness that people – families, friends and groups to whome we help organise their summer holidays - radiate when being on their vacation.

The main goal for me is to have our guests satisfied, releaxed, taken care of and safe. The saying “pleasure is mine” really depicts this feeling when I see that they are happy and that there is no other place they would rather be. I like to pay attention to small details because that’s what makes a big difference.

Book a boat with us and you will feel it. From personalized messages and gifts, through relationship with guests, additional services to boat’s decoration, we constantly thrive to make you feel like at home. :) That’s the story behind our moto: “feel the difference”. As much as it is important to me how our guests feel, it is also very important how our employees feel as their smiles induce your smiles.


Their satisfaction and happiness is the foundation on which this company is being built on. SUNLIFE charter is a family business it makes an essential part of our lives. However, the main focus in my life are my husband and children Viktor and Leona, who are my greatest joy.


Another thing that gives me a great pleasure is my Instagram profile about healthy cooking where I share my recipes with my friends and followers. I can share it with you when you visit as I invite you to feel the difference and create your memories with us!

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Owner, executive director

Igor Gazin

Hello! My name is Igor Gazin and I am the owner of the SunLife charter company. Since I was a little boy I used to come to the marina with my father where we have built, repaired and maintained our small family boat. In this way, my long infatuation in sea and boats emerged, resulting in spending every summer on the boat.

This infatuation drove me on and it practically created my business itself, extending my love into an economic gain. SunLife was founded in 2001 and we started off with only two sailing boats. Since then I always try to give my 100% in order to make and maintain SunLife charter as a company that offers excellent service, well-maintained boats, having satisfied and repeating customers.

My main wish was and is to stand out from other charter companies with main goal to permanently keep the quality of our service high. My goal has never been to become a great charter and succumb to the everpresent possibility of quick expanding, but to always stay a small family company. Being involved in every segment of the business and thus maintain quality, intraorganizational relationships and individual approach to our guests is what makes my day and business in general.

Good organization, leadership, and good teamwork have resulted in SunLife successfully doing business for 18 years. Starting this company with my wife Tina is a great advantage as we gained an excellent symbiosis, both on private and business aspects of our life. Wouldn't for a world give away that feeling of accomplishing our goals at the end of the year. And then we start again. :)


Welcome to our family, let us give you the warmest welcome you can get!

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Business manager

Dragana Buzdovačić

Hi! My name is Dragana and my job is to take care of the business and keep everybody happy! Although by profession I am a Croatian and German teacher I ended up in the nautical tourism and I am loving it!

I have joined the Sunlife family in 2006 and something that was only meant to be the summer job turned into a long-time professional and private relationship. I started as a booking manager and during the years I have learned step-by-step all about this business and today I am in charge of the whole organization of our business.

Although there is much organizational work to do, I still work in booking as well because I like to have everything under my control and be included in all the processes along the way. My colleagues call it OCD, but I call it professionalism. :)

Anyway, when you reach your destination – our office – you will come across my warm welcome. I speak fluently English, German, Italian and basic Russian and French. I love my job because it is very interesting and challenging. It always offers me the possibilities to learn something new, meet new people and to travel a lot.

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Base manager

Dragan Perić


Hi! My name is Dragan but my friends call me John. I don't know why anymore. :) I got a job at Sunlife in 2011 and since then each season I am doing my best with my colleagues to make our guests happy and satisfied with the service we provide.


Even though I am a father of a beautiful baby girl, as a base manager at SunLife I am like a father to my fellow colleagues as well. They look up to me and come to me for a bit of advice, but I give them jobs to do in order not to think too much.   :)


This job brings with itself lots of work and responsibilities. Organization of services and works, maintenance of our boats, as well as procurement of the majority of tools and materials for doing it is my main job as a base manager. In addition to that and combining and organizing the work of my co-workers and external associates, my job is also to offer full logistics and support to our guests while on their sailing trip in order to minimize and solve all the issues that may occur.


When not at work or with my girls at home I enjoy playing and watching football. That leads me to the greatest football club in Croatia that I support and like to attend when it plays at home, HNK Hajduk. A word of advice to you: come to me saying „Hajduk živi vječno“ (Hajduk lives forever) and uncle John will take you under his wing during your stay. :)

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Vera Carli

Hi! My name is Vera and as a part of the SunLife Team I am in charge of housework, or should I say boatwork?

My main job is taking care of the cleanliness of our boats from the inside, as well as from the outside. In addition to that, I am your „go to“ person if there is something missing from the kitchen or you happen to need an extra sheet in one of the cabins.

That day when everything takes place is Saturday, the D-day as we like to call it. No disrescpect, but sometimes Saturday feels as you were literaly thrown on a small beach and have to endure enemy (sometimes even friendly) fire.

It can be somewhat chaotic because we need to take care of a lot of work in a short time, while keeping up with the SunLife's standard quality. In the morning, we give our goodbies to departing guests and start the rat race to be perfectly prepared for the new arrivals.

As everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly and without any long delays, probably the most important part of my job is good organization and coordination of people. Over the years I developed a quite respective muscle mass as I do constant tours of our entire fleet, making sure everything runs smoothly and solving problems that unavoidably arise, supplementing the inventory and taking into account any special wishes our guests might have.

Everything ends with a final check of every boat, both inside and outside, making sure that the boat is in top condition and ready to meet the new guests.


Regardless of the huge amount of work, unforeseen situations and some nerve brakedowns :) , in the end, however, remains a sense of satisfaction that everything has been done on time. I love Saturday. :)

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Base technician

Nikola Barić

Hello there! My name is Nikola and I'm a relatively new member of the SunLife team (I started in July 2018). Nevertheless, I've spent almost my entire life on boats, from small classes sailing to being a skipper and working in the boating industry.

In the meantime, I got a degree in ship electrical engineering at Maritime Faculty of Split, so you could say that there is some brain to back it up. :) I exercise my brain with long sessions of sleep so do not worry if I seem a bit out of this world when I come for your check-out in the morning. However, at the check-in I am more „myself“.


I will present the boat to you and demonstrate the work of all instruments, engine, give advices and route suggestions. My ultimate goal as it is also the goal of SunLife are happy guests who fell in love with the sailing. Therefore, I would like to welcome you to SunLife charter!

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Booking manager

Dario Jerković

Hi! My name is Dario and, although I have experience working in tourism in general, the nautical part is definitely my thing. Working close to the sea, even inside the office is something everyone dreams of, so I consider myself lucky being a part of SunLife.


As my primary job is working in booking, answering your emails and preparing everything for Saturday, I'm nowhere near bored in this bussiness. Hectic as it is during Saturdays, I often go out of the office running all sorts of errands and help our guests to get around marina and my colleagues if they need an additional help.


Always ready for a joke, I will try to make your visit to our office as pleasant and brief as possible. You will definitely love me, moreover as I will be the voice of an angel telling you to drop by the office to take your papers and go for your check-in. :)


I am sure you will enjoy your sail week with us, as we really enjoy working together and through that try to infect you with our enthusiasm even in the most hectic and hot situations during busy Saturdays. Welcome to SunLife where you will get the sun and a boat experience you will remember for a lifetime! :)

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Bareboat charter

If you are an experienced sailor and you want to discover our coast and islands on your own this is than an ideal option for you. Please contact us for more details.

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Crewed charter and charter packages

If you want to completely relax your body and mind the crewed charter should be your first choice. Hire the skipper and let him take care of the boat and all berths reservations.

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Business events

The Croatian Adriatic is the perfect place to impress your clients or reward your staff. SUNLIFE can provide you with a first-class service, tailoring a holiday to suit the needs of your company.

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Body & soul sailing

If you want to experience wellness by the seaside this is the ideal choice for you. We can create a tailor made sailing experience for you with a yoga instructor.

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Yacht service

We provide the maintenance and guardiennage for private yachts, as well full shore support for any and all yachts regardless of size or type.

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Excursions & transfers

If you need a transfer on land or sea – just let us know the time and place and we will have somebody pick you up and bring you to a desired destination.

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What do our guests say

Update 2022: Just back from a 3 week trip with the Cat Blue Eyes. We have chartered with Sunlife five times by now. The boats are always in top condition, the check in and check out are super efficient. Very reliable team. Perfect sailing area. Strongly recommended!

Sus Zue

Problemlose Übernahme und Rückgabe. Team sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend.

Thorsten Spieckermann

We loved our trip with Sun Life. Thank you very much

Georges Cowey

Brodovi odlčni, osobolje odlično, veliki + za dinghyje sa full plastičnim dnom

Petar Vaskov

Sehr gute und freundliche Crew mit Schiffen die für Charter gute und tolle Ausstattung haben zu fairen Preisen. Danke für den Service und die unkomplizierten check In / Check out. weiterhin gerne auf gute Partnerschaft und B2B Business für Kunden werde ich gerne die Sunlife weiterempfehlen.

Firma Yachtfahrschule

Excellent service, and boat! Croatia is amazing!The wether was great, amazing food, clear blue sea. We will come back.

andrea L

Difficult time for everything and everyone these days, but not for us last week! :) Taking the new Elan 40.1 Impression FUNKY with friends and family across the Adriatic filled us with joy and peace.


Once again, outstanding! Was about to cancel the week due to Corona and canceled flights. But Dragana convinced me to come once again to Split and be 100% happy. We could find an agreement to match the new flight dates and she was also very helpful concerning the entrance into Croatia (which was no problem at all)